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Choose to shop with us at Busam Lincoln in Wilmington when you want to find a large collection of used inventory from top brands like Cadillac, Dodge, Nissan, and more. You'll save money while still getting a quality vehicle that you'll enjoy driving around Hillsboro. On our lot, you'll have the opportunity to work with expert sales associates who understand how important it is to find the right vehicle for your needs. Plus, they'll gladly work with you to help you understand your options before you make any decisions. They'll also help you decide on the body style, brand, and features so that you can get the most out of your shopping experience and drive away in a vehicle that suits your lifestyle.

Shop Through Our Inventory of Popular Brands

When you're ready to get a competitive rate on a used car, you might be interested in a brand you always buy or want to try. Look for brands like Buick, Chevrolet, Kia, Jeep, and other popular brands when you visit our dealership near Leesburg. We have many models for you to appreciate in various body styles. You could get a Kia Carnival if you want a minivan, or choose a Toyota Tundra or Ford Ranger when you want a truck. Luxury cars like the Lincoln MKZ and Cadillac CT4, if you'd like a compact sedan, might be available too. Try a Dodge Durango, Mitsubishi Outlander, or Honda CR-V when an SUV sounds like a good option for your lifestyle. There are so many options on our lot, but you never know when someone else will buy the model you have your eye on, so stop back soon.

Choose the Right Body Style

We have a lot of body styles, including SUVs, trucks, sedans, coupes, and convertibles. If you're ready to get behind the wheel of a versatile vehicle, try out an SUV. You'll get lots of ground clearance for driving through heavy snow during Ohio winters, and you'll appreciate the expansive seating and towing capacity in the larger models. Try out a sedan if you are interested in a model that maneuvers easily into tight city parking spots and attains good gas mileage.

You might like a truck if you want lots of towing capacity and a bed where you can put materials for your next home renovation project. There's also the option of buying a minivan if you want a family vehicle that will be comfortable for everyone. If you're going to get a sports car, you'll often have the choice between a coupe and a convertible. The nice thing about a coupe is that it offers similar conveniences as a sedan but features an edgier aesthetic and excellent performance. Consider a convertible as a nice option in warm weather, and it can be fun to drive around Clarksville with the top down.

Choose Pre-Owned for Great Savings

When considering your budget or seeking a competitive rate, choosing a used vehicle is one of your best options. Pre-owned models have already incurred the majority of their depreciation, allowing you to save not only on the cost of the model but the associated costs. Just because a car is new-to-you, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your dream vehicle.

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If you're ready to get behind the wheel of your next used car, you should visit our dealership today. We have lots of quality inventory; our knowledgeable staff would love to help you navigate the inventory. Contact our staff over the phone or online to arrange your test drive. Busam Lincoln hopes to see you soon.